the best selection of regional grapes


are pressed into wines with superstar qualities


for perfect pairings best enjoyed with family and friends.


About Us

Doublevé Wines Agency represents a spectacular collection of Spanish and Italian wines with superstar qualities. The houses boast over 100 years of wine making history and experience passed down from generation to generation with passion.

Private Label

Step 1 | SELECT

Our skilled winemakers will help you select and/or craft a stunning wine for your private label program in response to your strategy.

Step 2 | DESIGN

With emphasis on regulatory approvals, we will design a meaningful label that connects with your audience.

Step 3 | SHIP

After the final tasting approval your order will be bottled and shipped with care.


Posted by Charlene Francique | 29 April 2016
Pressing is not an optional wine making step but the magic lays in the when and the how much to press.
Posted by Charlene Francique | 10 May 2016
I used the words "hollywood-and-wine" to search the internet for an image that depicts celebrities' fascination with having their own wine brand.
Posted by Charlene Francique | 16 May 2016
As a rule I don't follow rules, especially when I'm home alone on a Friday night and a thin crust smoked meat pizza is on the menu -

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