Pressing Winemaking Issue

Pressing is not an optional step in the wine making process but knowing when and how much to press is where the magic lays.

The knowledge of when to press during vinification has been passed on from one generation to the next so its no stretch to say that it would take a lifetime to create the perfect bottle of wine. With the added variables of soil, growing cycle, harvesting methods and processing equipment which also determine the outcome, who in their right mind would choose this career path of (mad) scientist?

Beyond the perils of bottle shock as dramatized in the 2008 film Bottle Shock, lament the post retail purchase issues of how to store and serve wine, whether to decant and what to pair it with… Really? The next time I am dissatisfied in the slightest with one of my wine purchases, instead of whining I will sympathize out of respect for the effort that goes into the making of… without guarantee of perfect results.

Wait a minute, before I lower my expectation about bringing home the perfect bottle each time, here are some “pressing” theories that the industry bases its success on…

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