ROSADO 2017 – Villa d’Orta


Terroir: semi-arid climate with low rainfall, the soil is made of sandstone, clay, limestone and alluvial deposits. These are often rocky soils with low fertility, but with good drainage. The altitude of the vineyards varies between 425 and 450 meters.
Grapes: 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot.
Average age of vines: 14 years 
Yield:  40 HL / ha
Grade: 13,5%
Total acidity: 4.3
PH: 3.24
Free SO2: 26
Residual sugars: 1.8
Year: 2017
Appellation: D.O SOMONTANO

Available in Quebec at SAQ


Mechanically harvested. The temperature of the must is maintained at 18° C. After approximately 24 to 48  hours of contact with the skins, the tank is bled and the pink rosé coloured juice is transferred into another vessel. We then gradually lower the temperature to 14° C. Fermentation takes place over a period of about 15 days at 14° C during the first week, then to 18° C during the last week.


Medium depth rosé colored wine with aromas of concentrated blackberry with a touch of violet petals. Low in acidity, the palate is pleasant with flavors associated with cherries and plums which gives way to a light an elegant finish. Excellent terrace wine as a stand-alone… Good tasting aperitif to be paired with soft cheeses, tapas, and entrées. ROSADO will replace any white wine and can accompany white meats, poultry, salads, and game birds. Serve at 12°C.