The Holy Grail of Wine Corks

I always get excited whenever I remove the foil from the mouth of a wine bottle and a glass cork reveals itself! Don’t get me wrong, I get off on the anticipation and dexterity sometimes required to remove a traditional cork from a full-bodied red followed by the mouth-watering sensation induced by sniffing the stained cork, but I digress.

Glass corks make me feel like I’m a witness to the birth of new technology and I can’t help but imagine the pros of glass instead of any other type of closure. The first one that comes to mind is that they cannot taint like natural or composite corks and unlike synthetic corks, the tight O-ring seal on the glass cork stops air from prematurely oxidizing the wine.

While I’ve read accounts of those who are somewhat fearful of the glass on glass friction being the cause of glass breaking off and falling into the wine, that has not been my experience.

So, good luck to you on your quest for the holy grail of wine corks… you can increase your odds of finding one among European wines especially Austrian and German – the known developers of the glass wine cork… “glass cork” sounds like an oxymoron but let’s go with it.

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